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"Having worked in both China and the U.S., I believe technology companies based in these two markets have a lot to learn from each other. I attended and spoke at a number of events hosted by HYSTA and have taken away as much as I've shared with the audience. I am confident that HYSTA will continue to bridge the Pacific, and help many more Chinese professionals in the Silicon Valley to realize their career dreams." -- Robin Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Baidu.com

"With the success of TeleNav IPO, I greatly appreciate the knowledge and wisdom I have learned from each one of you, and many other HYSTA friends. Your friendship and support have been very important to me. Thanks again."
-- HP Jin, Co-Founder, President/CEO, TeleNav

"Jerry Yang and I took a long walk during HYSTA's executive summit in Pebble Beach last year. Our discussions quickly accelerated when I returned to China, and resulted in the landmark transaction between Yahoo and Alibaba. HYSTA has played a very useful role in connecting Chinese and American business leaders." -- Jack Ma, Chairman and CEO, AliBaBa

"HYSTA's deep roots in China and wide network amongst the Chinese American business community in the Silicon Valley have been very valuable. HYSTA's executive summits provide business leaders with great opportunities to build valuable connections." -- Jerry Yang, Former Co-founder and Chief Yahoo, Yahoo, Inc.

"During the past 10 years, HYSTA has grown immensely and has integrated itself into the DNA of Silicon Valley as the foremost organization for the future of business between the US and the rising economic powerhouse that is China today. This cumulative effort allows HYSTA to continue with great optimism to positively impact the world by remaining THE platform for entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their diverse experiences, ideas and lessons." -- Jack Xu, Former Corporate VP of Cisco, VP of HYSTA 2007

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