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Al Gore
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HYSTA Presents: "China, Globalization, and the Shifting Global Power Equation"

Don't miss Silicon Valley 's most important conference on the impact of China 's rapid ascension to the world's stage.

Keynote Speaker:

  Al Gore   Former U.S. Vice President
                        2007 Oscar Winner for Best Documentary Film
                        2007 Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 10:00am-9:00pm
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center
                   5001 Great America Parkway
                   Santa Clara , CA 95054

Congratulation Letter from Ms. Anna C. Chennault

Media Coverage:
English Media
Chinese Media

Today we are in the midst of a global convergence of epic proportions. Globalization has taken hold, and, with the rise of China, the global power equation has shifted. China's ascension has created a path to great prosperity, with unprecedented improvements in the standard of living for the Chinese people. China continues to be the number one destination for foreign investment, and the object of fascination to any CEO. China's reach is now being felt in new ways as ambitious Chinese companies go global, reaching into new markets.

At the same time, a massive wave of disruption continues with innovation in science and technology creating new opportunities and advancements at a breathtaking pace. With Silicon Valley playing its foundation role, a transference of skills, knowledge and initiative spreading out across the world, bringing together people, businesses and ideas.

As emerging economies begin to shape global business, new challenges also arise. Shortages of skills, manpower and natural resources threaten to inhibit growth and achievement. At the same time, equal attention must be paid to the growing discord caused by the environmental and societal impact of globalization.

In considering all the elements of this global convergence, HYSTA is poised to enable discussion and an engagement of the issues through its programs and conferences. This year we are pleased to be able to host CEOs from China and the U.S., Silicon Valley 's finest leaders, investors, policy makers, and academics to explore these topics. We are also particularly pleased to have the honor of hosting former vice president Al Gore as our keynote speaker at our Annual Conference, speaking to the Chinese professional community and the collected entrepreneurs to further raise awareness of the unique era we are in and the social responsibility we have.

In our proud role as facilitator, HYSTA will hold two events this spring, our CEO Summit and our Annual Conference. Both will focus on harnessing the collective knowledge and spirit to meet this global convergence.

For more information, click here for a video introduction of Annual Conference 2007 and interviews with HYSTA team members.