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China: The Next Center of the Global Economy?

China’s economy has been rapidly growing for over three decades now, consistently at admirable annual rates. Most recently, and most impressively, it has quickly re-emerged from the worldwide economic recession that was triggered by the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis. The U.S. economy, in contrast, is currently on the verge of a double-dip recession. The Continental Europe has also revealed abyssal debt problems, one after one and after one. The Chinese and U.S. economies are totally different, and largely complimentary to each other. Although the U.S. has been the economic engine of the whole world since WWII and remains the strongest today, that title now stands on a ground shakier than ever. It has been widely agreed by nearly all leading economists that the U.S.-China duo now plays as dual locomotives for the world’s troubled economic train. Will China eventually replace the US as the world’s top economy? Most economists think so, given China’s formidable size and enviable economy of scale.

The key question that remains, though, is whether China will become the next center of the global economy. No one can answer this trillion-dollar question for sure, because to claim that crown jewel, fundamental quality weighs more than sheer size. In one important aspect, will China become the next innovation heaven for investors and entrepreneurs? And how would the conservationists and protectionists of the world response to China’s upcoming economic, political, and perhaps military powers? These questions will be lively examined and brainstormed by well-respected industry executives at HYSTA’s CEO Summit 2011, a two-day, invitation-only conference held in Pebble Beach, CA.

Overview of HYSTA’s CEO Summit

Launched in 2005, and as part of HYSTA’s Annual Conference, the CEO Summit is an annual gathering of CEOs from both Silicon Valley and China. It has quickly arisen as a flagship HYSTA event. Every year, a select group of highly-qualified chief executives are invited to a private and relaxing setting to engage in lively and trendy business conversations. During the dialogue, they often exchange stories sharing a common denominator: global business trends, opportunities, and issues concerning both China and the U.S. The intimate atmosphere at the Summit creates unparalleled openness and collegiality among attendees, empowering those executives to share thoughts and visions in a productive way. Besides personal friendships and lasting business connections, the Summit often generates concrete results that are carried to fruition. Sometimes, significant business deals are struck on the site of the Summit.

The Summit is hosted by HYSTA’s Executive Program (EP), which is a go-to Silicon Valley hub connecting Chinese business leaders across the Pacific—from Silicon Valley to Zhong Guan Cun and beyond. Typical EP members include serial entrepreneurs and senior executives of publicly traded companies; their membership is via invitation only.

About Organizers

HYSTA (Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association) is a leading Chinese professional association in US. Founded in 1999 by a group of successful Chinese entrepreneurs, HYSTA aims at nurturing entrepreneurship and career development among Chinese technology and business professionals and facilitates networking and the exchange of business ideas between Silicon Valley and China.

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