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Jack Xu
Co-President and Chief Technology Officer at Sina

Jack Xu is the Co-president and Chief Technology Officer at Sina, where he is responsible for Sina's Weibo and the Company's technology platforms. Prior to joining Sina, Jack worked at Cisco as the Corporate Vice President of Communications & Collaboration business unit with over 1,400 employes worldwide and $1 billion in annual revenues.  Jack previously served as eBay's vice president of engineering & research and was an eBay Fellow. During his tenure at eBay, Jack created the company's global development strategy, led the development of its proprietary search and listings technology, and oversaw eBay Research lab, which was responsible for many cutting edge innovations. He also played a pivotal role in the expansion of eBay operations in Asia, and was the founding chairman of eBay Global Development Center in China. Prior to that, Jack was the Chief Technology Officer at Netease (Nasdaq: NTES), where he was responsible for its technology, operations, marketing, research and product development.  He led the Excite's search engine development in 1996, while pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley. Jack holds a B.A. and M.A. in Information Management from Sun Yat-Sen University.  He holds a visiting professorship in Software Engineering, Communications, and Information Management at Sun Yat-Sen University. In additional,  Jack has been playing an active role in the community as the vice president (2007-2008) of Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association, a premier non-profit organization for promoting entrepreneurship.